Hydro Jetting & Drain Camera

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is the most effective way of cleaning your drains and sewers to keep your pipework clean and clear. It is a process where water is forced under high pressure through a flexible hose with different drain heads attached, depending on what is being cleaned. Our jetting hose can be fed up to 60 meters in length, which makes it very handy when the blockage is further than an arm's reach away. It is fantastic for the environment as there are no chemicals used at all, it is purely water at a very high force that does all the cleaning. It is the most economical way to clean your drains without dumping chemicals into the system.

What can Hydro Jetting unblock?

Hydro Jetting can unblock most things that may be stuck or causing a blockage in your drain or sewer. A buildup of fats and oils from cooking, food scraps that go down the sink, sand from the lake or beach, small toys that kids put down the sink or flush down the toilet, rocks down grates, or even tree roots that have grown into the pipework. 

Fatty deposits from food and grease coat the inside of our drains - this is one of the easier things that Hydro Jetting can clean. But, it can also cut straight through tree roots to clear them out of the way, saving an otherwise need of having to fully dig out your pipe!

How do you know what or where the blockage is?

Firstly, we Jet the drain to get the water moving again so we can actually see. We then send down our camera into the pipe and feed it through up to 60 meters in length. We watch the screen and can see exactly what is in your pipe, eventually reaching the cause of the blockage. The camera can tell us exactly where in the pipe it is located, how many meters in, as well as its depth. 

What else do you use the Drain Camera for?

Other than locating a blockage that's already there within your pipework, a Drain Camera inspection can catch potential problems before they become something bigger. It may be a leak in the pipe, a crack that is starting to form, dislodged or misaligned pipes.

If you are buying a property, a Drain Camera inspection can give you a good heads up on the condition of the pipework. You will then have no nasty surprises of any serious pipework issues before purchasing and will make you aware of any potential problems such as clogged drains or even damaged sewer pipes that may be leaking into the yard.

Perhaps you have some water damage on the floor or in a wall? Drain lines are located in walls and floors of our homes and buildings. If any leaks occur within these lines, the issue could result in water damage or mould forming. A Drain Camera inspection can be very helpful in cases where the leaks are in hard to access areas. 

Before & After a Hydro Jetted pipe

Hydro Jet clearing debris